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We are a software company based in England and mission-driven to improve the lives of people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) throughout the world.

We are dedicated to revolutionising the way healthcare providers and institutions deliver patient care, manage data, and streamline operations. With a steadfast commitment to improving efficiency, patient outcomes, and accessibility, our cutting-edge software solutions are poised to reshape the future of healthcare. Welcome to the forefront of healthcare technology, where innovation meets compassion, and where every click brings us closer to a healthier world.

Medii Platform

We are leveraging technology to deliver personalised care, which is a powerful approach that can enhance patient experience.

Our Medii solution seamlessly connects patients, healthcare providers, and community teams; streamlining care coordination and accessibility for improved health outcomes.

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Our Story

Improving access to health care

Medii allows users with IDD and their caregivers to monitor key physical and emotional parameters; essential for medical teams to deliver accurate assessments


When developing a digital health solution, user experience is paramount. We design intuitive and accessible interfaces, gather continuous feedback from healthcare providers and patients, and prioritize usability. Ensuring a user-friendly, patient-centric experience is key to the success and adoption of your digital health solution.

Our Partners

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“We look forward to working with Tritone to empower

our patients with digital technology to promote good health & well-being”

Dr Katharine Peterson,

NHS Northeast England and North Cumbria Clinical Lead


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